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Her reply I see coming: “Think mobile metal fortress, with armor crushing literally explosive projectile weapons.”

“What is a fortress”? “What is explosive?” “What is a projectile?”

She’s a catgirl who lives in a forest village in a magic-based fantasy setting. Them fancy words need explaining.

Just don’t say anything about the Death Star. It’s just a moon of sorts.

Well, that might work, but she’s talking about the character build, not the actual military vehicle.

You… You do know that the build is called that because of the military vehicle?

Yes, but what I’m saying is she doesn’t need to confuse her by going into the details of what a tank is when all she has to say is he has a lot of defense and can take a lot of damage.

This response is aside from your first statement. What you were saying wasn’t that “Its ok- she can just explain that a tank is a description for a very tough fighter”, it was that shes not talking about an actual tank. However, she is, because, as Mavis said, the term comes from the vehicle. The term is not used in the world at all. Tank is not a class. So while she doesn’t have to explain what a Tank actually is, if she felt she could explain what a tank is she should to explain the relationship and meaning behind it.

A tank is a container, commonly used for holding liquids. It is designed to store and possibly distribute these liquids at a later point in time.

So it’s your canteen?


You turned another adventurer into your canteen?!

Uhh, no.

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