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A Different World – 20

A Different World – 20 published on 16 Comments on A Different World – 20

We’re back! It’s good to be back online! If you haven’t kept up with the comic since the site went down you can catch up from here!


think i’ve seen a similar rendition of that male elf in a *cough* adult *cough* game

FoE by Alder perhaps? If not, I just made a reference that you probably didn’t get, and now I will slowly fade into the shadows.

Fenoxo Forums? its been awhile since I’ve played any of the games so cant remember the names outside of Trials In Tainted Space

FoE, or Fall of Eden , had an elf that could join your team. They could be male or female, and they were rendered a lot like that picture.

Hey Sage, I’m new to the comic and I was wondering, is there a set update day, like some comics update every Wednesday?

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