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A Different World – 19

A Different World – 19 published on 13 Comments on A Different World – 19

If you are reading this while the site looks a little wonky- welcome back! We just got the website restored thanks to some extra hard work by Mihari! If you have been following the comic since the site went down- you will want to go back at least to page 11 of chapter 1 to catch up! Just because the site was down didn’t mean i wasn’t updating!

Oh and one last time for this message – Enjoying the comic? Check out the art stream every Friday night 9pm est on Picarto!


Did Kaylin just make a very, very lucky guess with Relm? Though thinking about it, she WAS showing signs of attraction, even if she didn’t realize it, intent focus, immersing herself in the conversation, eagerness to show her to a room, intent focus (it needed to be in there twice). Also the blushing cant forget the blushing, the first thing she asked when told about Kaylin’s goddess was a question about a certain ritual, with sexual imagery.

Didn’t she…

…used to be a guy?

Which is probably why she has no attraction to men.

Straight guys in a female body aren’t necessarily going to suddenly be attracted to their old sex.

That, and boobs are universally loved. 😛

True, though I personally prefer ones that are MUCH smaller than most of Sage’s characters.

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