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Wait if he’s playing a elf and it’s a rare type of race now then what happened to the rest of the players that was elven, I think this story gone X-Files even after the events that caused a separation between player and game avatars… did something from outside the game cause the event??

Actually, I think I understand what’s going on here: Kevin is dead.

Yes, I realize that that’s a rather bold claim to make but if you think about it, it makes sense. Kevin ended up staying plugged into the game too long and starved to death. His consciousness was then somehow uploaded into the game and he thus “became” Kaylin. That’s the whole crux of the story, Kaylin is an AI-controlled NPC now who is a little disoriented and is trying to figure out what the hell happened. Even after “she” figures it out, it still creates a massive political Cluster-f*** and some serious questions will have to be answered by the game staff.

I more inclined to agree on the actual player being dead, but I think his mind is in the character now sorta like characters got all his knowledge I.e how the world was to the players since he stated the maps are out of date so In way he became her and the game became irl,but I do wonder if the entire real-world became dead due something or it just separated him for his real body sorta like hack/.sign where people become comatose on a hypnotic state by thinking they was dead so the body became dead per say

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