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In a stealth game, you would now need to kill this guy before he raises the alarm… because ANY sign of your presence is enough to bring reinforcements out of hiding. Here’s hoping this ‘monster vendor’ isn’t somehow able to identify a nekomata from just its claw mark – and that Nyna didnt leave fur there or something.

I know the ‘monster vendor’ is just making do with the city/faction he was dealt, but given our reader bias we can’t help but hope he’ll get a fairly painful and karmic end. Unless it turns out he’s like secretly helping monsters escape and flee the region or some similarly redeeming story, but that doesnt feel very likely.

Definite plot hook for the future. Maybe we’ll see an increase in roaming capture groups – or more likely a free-for-all as everyone wants to ‘claim’ this elusive monster for themselves. Hah.

At least Kaylin understood that this was not ‘just’ a goblin to Nyna, despite what is said.

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