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So, who gets his EXP now?

So you can still talk while dead? That’s actually a pretty neat game mechanic. Mitigate the impact of your demise by giving your killer a sick burn.

Depends on your definition of ‘dead’, I guess. I mean, this sort of thing does effectively happen in real life from chest or especially gut wounds. You can destroy someone’s heart completely and they’ll still have some seconds of oxygen to the brain to say things. (Though admittedly they won’t have the pressure to say it very loudly if the lungs are too badly damaged.)

Nyna’s face in the last panel looks unexpectedly cute, but given that she just saw Kaylin get killed and then went through her own near-death (and possible ascension?) experience, I think it’s understandable 🙂

However following from my previous theory… we still haven’t seen the King’s unknown Benefactor….

If they are a PC and are listening nearby, then Kaylin just gave them key information by explaining how invulnerability got nerfed aloud. Hopefully she doesn’t also explain the true limits to respawning in the same way, and spill those beans too!

But if the Benefactor is in fact a rival ‘God’ and Kaylin just killed their champion… well, hopefully that removes them from the equation for a while, and Ellisia can sort them out before they make this kind of a mess again.

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