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i am wondering about that armor, she gives one to little Elzy, so is that slime armor a one size fits all ?
no matter if your a child or a grown up?

And is it extending its size automatically ? if people grow up

Yes, it makes the most sense for a slime armor to do so, but actually, almost all adventuring gear is basically one size fits all. It functions like a game. Anyone can equip it, there’s no modifications required. The game goes a bit further and has custom only gear, which is specific to a character, but most armor is drops or magical to fit anyone who wears it.

Maybe a weird question, what about if a male would wear it, would it shape itself to a pair of pants instead of a sexy bodysuit ?, I can imagine it would look weird in that shape on a male ? :3

I think Elzaarith is male, or otherwise she is very flat chested, though as we don’t see their lower body the question still stands. There’s no reason why it couldn’t shape itself with short pant legs for female characters though to be the same for everyone (aside it being programmed as much to follow typical fantasy female armor guidelines).

Someone once made a great live action sketch based on this particular MORPG-point…. basically the female player is fed up with being handed skimpy but powerful armor as quest-rewards, so when a male player shows up and is handed a nice looking body plate armor piece, which he throws away with a “Already got two of those”, she jumps in and grabs it… only to have it turn into a chain mail bra when she touches it XD

Gotta make the obvious joke, the position of Little Elzy’s open hands as they’re looking up at Kaylin and asking for “Want Squishy” …. could TOTALLY be taken another way 😀

That aside, if this is more of Kaylin’s written backstory being literally brought to life – I have to wonder how ‘retroactive’ it all was. Does this mean at the moment of the ‘event’ her story got merged into the world that was then allowed to run for a few hundred (simulated) years? Do they only exist because she does? Or are these NPCs that would have already existed somehow?

Maybe the game allowed PCs to assemble their own squad of NPCs, train them, equip them, and assign them missions? (FFXIV, for example, has something like that.) If so, these NPCs could have already existed and had a relationship with Kaylin prior to the event, and the event just added depth and detail.


Shit i know that look and Sound…
my wife (who Tom’s Flora’s attitude is Represented so well, on all other ‘womanly’ aspects) makes that same face and sound before complaining about ‘things’ or previous relation-ships even as ‘friend status’

this will be a fun chapter

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