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I’m not sure if an elf eating a human counts as cannibalism.

I thought about that, and then realized we don’t have any humanoid counterparts in real life to account for technically having other very similar species yet we would consider a human eating anything that was basically a human to be a cannibal. We wouldn’t say “Hey there, are you eating another person?” “Nope, this here person lives for a lot longer and has pointy ears! Clearly not a human.” “Oh well that’s fine then! Have a good day!”

I remember seeing a discussion that not only covered exactly this contingency elsewhere, but even found an adjective describing creatures that eat humans without necessarily being human themselves. Sadly, I can remember neither the word nor where I found the discussion. It was something like “hominivore” or “hominiphage”.
Since neither of those get me any hits on Google, though, either they weren’t right or else the word was an invention of the discussors.

Do you mean “humanitarian”? That is the term they use on tvtropes at least for anything (human and creature alike) that eats humans.

Yes, but since it has a completely different meaning in common usage, I wouldn’t recommend it. “Anthropophage” has been used correctly in other SF writings, and I think it’s also been used IRL to refer to cannibal tribes (but don’t quote me on that last usage).

I thank you for that kind assumption that I have more than two brain cells to rub together.

I knew the TVTropes term was a pun, but I hadn’t heard of the two others you used. I like anthropophage as it sounds to include not just humans but other humanoid races such as elves, nekomimi, and lizardfolk as well.

Looking it up it seems to have been used to describe a member of a mythical cannibal tribe (the Androphagi), not for cannibal tribes in general. But hey, close enough I’d say, and more informed than what I came up with.

Well, I was referring to the group here in general when I mentioned high IQs, but since you’re one of us… -_^

And yeah, “anthropophage” was originally used in Greek mythology if memory serves correctly, but it does work because of semantic correctness–not that I’m any kind of grammar Nazi or anything, nyao!

“Anthropophage” works nicely. As I mention below, it’s been used in other SF works (most notably the “Dying Earth” novels of Jack Chalker) to refer to humanoids who eat humans.

Problem with using that kind of terminology in a comic, I don’t want people to have to google words to know what’s being said. Almost everyone who reads this knows what a cannibal is and understands what they are trying to say. Other terminology is not useful for clarity.

well is a dog eating a wolf, or a wolf eating a dog cannibalism? I figure from the ability to interbreed, it is the closest analogue I could come up with.

I can’t say for certain, being a cat and all, nyao, but yeah, I would assume so. Brings whole new meaning to the expression “dog eat dog”, right? (Then again, I always pictured a Dachshund eating a Coney Island wiener whenever I heard that phrase… I guess I watched too many Warner Brothers cartoons as a kitten, nyao…)

probably still close enough to get a prion though

Considering that elves and humans can crossbreed successfully, I’d think they can exchange more than rogue prions. Even though we never see it in Tolkien or his many knock-offs, I’d say it’s safe to assume that elves can catch many human diseases. Of course, sharing an apartment with a Sidhe and having seen him catch the flu a few times, I’m probably biased… -_^

Thats probably true. The prions were in reference to the cannibalism part of the comment, and I know you can catch prions from the proteins of genetically close species, (eg mad cow and kuru), but yeah elves and humans would probably transmit more common viral and bacterial diseases as well.

I’m pretty sure she was thinking of having a nibble of a few of those women actually.

She’s not the only one here thinking along those lines… I wouldn’t mind nibbling on the tips of her ears gently myself, nyao!

The tips of her ears, not my first priority but certainly on the list. (I’m talking about the neck! Got to work yourself towards those other places after all ^_~ )

Yes, but the tips of elf ears, much like nekomimi ears, are nicely sensitive, nyao… And yes, a nice neck nibble definitely gets me purring, alright!

What is it they say, “getting there is half the fun”? Or, as Columbia said in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, “Slowly! Slowly! It’s too nice a job to rush!” -_^

I know it’s “plot driven” reason, but gheesh!!! Being a small public nuissance and making people unconfortable is enought to get you thrown out of this city ?!?!? Really ?
This town must be politician, young kids and beggards free then….-_-

Or maybe that Jack is a bit on the short-tempered, zealous xenophobia side.

More like bar hopping “very rare non-human” is harassing all of the tavern hostesses with varying levels of unwanted advances. It would be like a police department received successive reports of a drunken Cro-Magnon blundering from bar to bar, making overtly lude verbal advances. And for a walled feudal community throwing outsiders out, is a standard option. “You are not part of our community. You are bothering people in our community”. Stop it or get out.” Which is very different from someone inside the community (who has family ties) being lude and a nuisance.

In the Dark Sun AD&D setting most halflings are carnivores and are infamous for being cannibals.
Their meat heavy diet means that halflings view all living creatures,
both humanoid and animal, as more food than equals.

The dark sun AD&D so that’s where those cannibal halfings in Baldur’s Gate 2 mage stronghold that wanted to eat the party must have come from… Always wondered but would make sense given it was a Planar Sphere which also had Knights of Solamnia from the dragonlance setting running around as well.

how can a elf be a werewolf?

Why wouldn’t an elf also be possibly be a werewolf?
I don’t know how werewolves work in Dragon Age, but if it is the more general ‘cursed to turn into a wolf-like creature during full moon’ kind of thing it could apply to other humanoid races as well.

oh yeah the curse route forgot about that but still seems like elves would be able to cure it before it would be a problem they always come off as we more together then humans

If we’re speaking very broadly I think werewolves come in three variants, with overlap possible between them:
1) They are their own separate species.
2) They are inflicted with a virus.
3) They are cursed.

The first option means they are what they are, halfbreeds with other races might be possible, but there is no ‘cure’ for being (born) a werewolf just like there is no cure for being a human.
For the other two it depends on the setting if the virus/curse can be cured, or how resistant or advanced in medicine/curses elves are.
And of course if they want to cure it, it doesn’t have to be a purely negative thing after all.

true but in most incarnations Elves are a Prideful race so the thought of a half breed while not impossible not likely depends on parents and circumstance but the other two would be a kinda of you would lost you pride as an elf you are worthless then trash kinda deal

I totally disagree with this idea that Elves are so prideful they wouldnt have half breeds- Elrond from Lord of the Rings is a half elf. LotRs elves are pretty much as prideful as any other elven race in almost any fiction, and yet Elrond is one of their leaders of the greatest nation of Elves. There’s also a lot of talk about elves becoming attached to other races so half breeds are only uncommon due to their compatibility being low.

Yes, there are fictions that have half elves treated poorly or as sub elven/human. There are also fictions that have them shown as the best of both races and are highly respected. Cherry picking is not going to win a general disagreement. I used a respected source for my argument that is the basis for the modern version of elves used today.

Now before I get too into this let me explain. This is not meant to talk down to you or to be rude or mean so I apologize immediately if it comes off that way at all. I appreciate you taking your time to voice your opinions and thoughts on the comic and the topics they bring up. It’s just a pet peeve of mine when people dispute something by saying “Well other things/people do it” without a solid piece of evidence. I know other fictions exist with plenty of different ways races are portrayed and act. Even within Dungeons and Dragons settings Halflings go from civilized hamlet owners to wild swamp people to eating people. Just because there are exceptions to something doesn’t mean what was said is generally true. I disagree with the statement “Most elves are a prideful race and therefore half breeds are unlikely and those who are without pride and are seen as trash” – Paraphrasing. I agree Elves are often prideful but i disagree completely that MOST elves see half elves as trash or without pride or that a relationship between an elf and a human would require the elf to loose their pride if that was also implied.

Hope that clears up my opinion on the matter and why I disagree.

First in no way do I ever feel you talk down to anyone when you post second while I agree that I didn’t give concrete answers why it always feel to me that halflings are treated as you would put it subelven but that is cause I have only seen one weird example for me is Tales of Phantasia while the halfs in that game were not mistreated they did have to live in a world where they were denied half themselves and were never really considered apart of the other, then in the manga Ore Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki that I read that lead to my reference of Half Elves being treated as subelven and had to willingly be enslaved to be allowed to even live in the elven city while these two examples are definitely becoming less of a norm they are two that show a negative aspect of elves that being generally though of as proud and elitist in their “purity”.

Now while all that seemed like a rant their 3 things I want to say
1. this is about entirely different elves to this webcomic seems kinda weird to bring it back up but it is fact not that it was entirely unrelated but still Sage you have given no hint about whether elves eat meat or solely vegetables

2. the story is set in a game which can do whatever it wants regardless of rules placed by any authority with in reason

3. The original question was placed at the sense that Elves are always seen as Dignified, Refined and Reserved race Doing anything such as eating Meat or Fighting for emotional reasons has been one of the things that they have never been written doing because it goes against they’re core nature werewolves are animals that live on animalist/Primal instinct something Elves from literature and media look down upon

also Sage every time you answer one of these it feels like your using it as a excuse to not draw new pages

The new page is already done and will go up at midnight. 😛 The update schedule is every Wednesday for AI and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for Yosh!

The point of them questioning about if shes a cannibal is from her misunderstood glances of checking out other women. Which one referred to as the stare of a hungry wolf. It’s to show that not only are elves very unknown to the modern humans of the world, but also the concept of same sex couples is completely foreign not just to Relm who may be seen as sheltered, but to all of the people.

As for showing what they eat… I showed Kaylin eating an egg on some bread and had her flat out say that some elves are vegan. So that establishes that not all elves are Vegan though some choose to be. So it’s established that some elves in this world eat meat and some don’t.

hmm fair enough completely forgot about the egg but it kinda of felt at a certain point what the definition of a elf and half elf was and how they are perceived in well everything also thinking back on it in Dragon Age did they seriously have “Cannibal Elves”? and if so why?

The ones in dragons age were wild elves cursed with lycanthropy. There is also the bosmer elves from the elder scrolls series that are actually cannibals. They worship plants of their home so much that they only eat meat. Even other humanoid races and it seems other bosmer.

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