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I do hope the entire comic isn’t going to be about Kaylin trying to find (or experience) porn. Playing off Relm’s straight-and-pure… ness… is amusing, but it’s starting to become worrisomely long for a gag.

It most certainly will not be about that. It mostly ends here.

I was agreeing too with Xodiac about the “teasing/playing” gag would go on and on and on.

But Sage’s reply got me down a bit. Maybe i was part of the minority who hoped on the contrary that Kaylin and Relm’s relationship eventualy get deeper/closer and they finaly get to be really best friend with perks to even a couple.

I was referring to the “quest for porn” kinda thing- though Kaylin does somewhat give up on trying to convert Relm (Because it is not cool to try and force a person into changing who they are for your own selfishness), but they will still have their teasing and jokes on occasion. Kaylins main goal with the looking for adult material is to see if she’s stuck in this world, if it’s a world without lesbians. Imagine living in a society where you are the only heterosexual or homosexual. Where no one will ever be in a relationship with you (because relationships work both ways- it doesn’t count if someone likes you if you don’t like them the same way). It’s a pretty lonely life if it’s true that you are the only one with this sexual orientation in the entire world. Which is something that a lot of people grew up thinking. That they were the only one with these feelings for people of the same sex, that they were broken or wrong. Kaylin knows there is nothing wrong with being a lesbian, but now she finds herself in a world where they just might not exist. That can be pretty terrifying.

Ah! That’s an interesting explanation. Actually i wasn’t really giving a thought about Kaylin’s motivation for searching books about this subject. I just though she was searching this just…because! Why not!

But i like the other part of your answer about how Kaylin will respect Relm’s current stand about a relationship with her while still bringing some teasing moment from time to time. I just hope that in time thought the story, Relm will eventualy change and Kaylin will win Relm’s hearth by her actions, kindness and careness for her. That Relm will slowly realize and acknowledge all that eventualy by her own, change her feeling about Kaylin and start getting closer to her by returning her love and in the end, comming to Kaylin asking if she can be her lover.
Also, i just hope if it will happend, it won’t be after like twelve/twenty chapter, aaaaalll the way at the end of the story.

(Like tons of anime/manga story do. That’s kinda piss me off sometime. They tease you with a story between the relationship of two character for all the lenght of the story. For just resolving their relationship…like if they are getting together or not. Most of the time they are!…. only in the last 5 minutes of the last episode or like in the last 5 page of a manga. And you get to see nothing of what is happening after that. How they are living their relationship and all that. Well, manga/anime that show that are really rare!)

Different comic, but I’ll do it anyways. Blue grew up basically in a laboratory and was released as a young adult where she went to college confused and secluded with very little in the way of social skills. Through some trauma of trying to fit in she accepted her differences and went full tilt not letting anything get in her way. She did what she felt was right and became very outspoken and stuck strongly to her feelings which lead her to discover that she was a lesbian. Not caring about how others felt about that because she was already an outcast she was very open about her feelings and did her best to live the way she wanted to. While it occasionally backfired she has chosen to live a free and open life where she is honest with herself and others. Even about sex, which she loves. That good enough or do you need more?

Nah not upset by that. I just prefer if someone has a question about Yosh! to ask it on the Yosh site and not mix it with AI. Also “…Then Explain Blue.” can be read as “What you just wrote made sense but it means that Blue doesn’t make sense so explain yourself!” So I wanted to make sure that the question was answered fully in case I misread the intent. (Like if your intent was just to try and poke holes in things like some people do).

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