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Even with a low level character, she basically destroyed that door just by pushing it XD That… doesn’t bode well for NPC houses.

A year has passed already so I’m pretty sure she’s max level with high quality gear.

No, the 1 year mentionned on page 21 is present time. The moment he “disconnected” from real life, which is the point of the past he’s telling the story of, happens likely a few days after he started playing.

Um, page 21 states rather explicitly that a year has passed since he started playing. And now we’re here.

actually it does, it says that the designers put thought into destructibility, and consequence, obviously certain assets are likely indestructible, or don’t stay broken for long, but imagine what that means for dungeons and fortresses and stuff, so long as theres a mechanism to control the griefing…

Of course the biggest problem of our hero/heroine current has is that she/he seems to be experiencing the effect of two different minds complete with their own memories, experiences, behaviors etc coming together in an uncontrolled head-on collision.

Unless she (lets go with that pronoun since that is the body we are currently looking at) gets some help (likely the magical variety will be needed) fast, any remaining magical stability will quickly crumble to nothing.

Does this captain have some kinda enforced quota of people he must bring in every month, or something? Because this whole “immediately trying to arrest an obviously confused person for accidentally breaking a door” routine is as creepy as it gets.

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