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Prologue 16

Prologue 16 published on 1 Comment on Prologue 16

Things I might come back to when I decide to take this to print… That first panel. I spent hours doing that using digital water colors and I dunno, it still bugs me. If i kept on working on it though this comic would have never been finished… Parts of it I like, parts of it I hate, I just have to move on and hopefully find a way to work it out.

1 Comment

Just leave it as a side project for when you get bored and don’t mind being annoyed for a while, to work on it.

So on the side of OOC Knowledge, how much is there? Or has this just been one enormously, nay, impossibly lucky run? (And how much reading of the chat has there been to see what other people think of the run so far? So much questions too early to actually KNOW anything….)

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