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Paradigm Shift – #10

Paradigm Shift – #10 published on 12 Comments on Paradigm Shift – #10

Everyone should wear enchanted clothes! You can make them so they don’t get stained! They can change color! They can self dry and clean! Oh and protect you from being injured… is it weird that’s the last thing i mention?


Convenience, utility, and durability enchantments prioritized before protection enchantments? Makes sense to me! They’re useful even if you’re not under attack…..and are probably going to be useful as long as they’re working at all. If I had to pick between a shirt that would stop bullets or a shirt that would keep the temperature feeling comfortable at all times, there is zero question which one I’d get.

Curious as to why an arch-mages clothes being heavily enchanted is supposed to be odd, though. If not standard, it should at least be reasonable. Why is it odd?

May be the magic enchantments are a type a NPC would normally have access to. Or he may not be a NPC to start with.

It could also be that “heavy” refers not to the number of enchantments, but the individual strength of those enchantments.

If enchantments require some sort of power source to remain in effect (say, the wearer’s own store of power), then higher degrees of effect could likely have stricter energy requirements. And if you’re walking around in the magic equivalent of battlefield plate armour, that says one of two things about you:

1. You’re really paranoid

2. You genuinely expect that level of protection to be reasonably necessary

I dunno, there’s something to be said about the “jerking people’s chain” enchantments for casual wear. Like a shirt that changes color whenever nobody is looking at it (“Wait…weren’t you wearing a blue shirt?”). Or a tie that makes you so ridiculously photogenic that someone could snap a picture of you eating a burger with sauce dribbling down your face and the picture would instead show you immaculate and posing regally. Or shoes that let you shadowstep right behind anyone talking about you (“Whoa! Didn’t know you were there!” “I am very very sneaky”). Or a “Flash Mob” earring that creates a short lived enchantment on nearby viewers that makes them seamlessly coordinate with your performances when you break out into song and dance….

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