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I have to wonder, is he worried about Callum, or worried about Callum’s inventions?

helicopter parent.!! much…

Parental Controls Personified?

What would a near future VR AI Parental control system be like 🤔, and then given XXX years of subjective time advancement.

Helicopter Parental Controls sounds about right.

Oh, I bet caretaking AI would at some point develop the logic “I must keep you safe, if I lock you in a stasis/in place inside a cube to be fed with a tube in your vein, you will always be safe. Don’t go anywhere, don’t do anything, don’t think anything. Thoughts can be harmful” and just lock us into beds/rooms with permanent paralysis because that is best way to keep an eye on us and keep us safe.

That’s why the point of parenting isn’t to keep a child safe. The point is to raise them to be able to care for themselves and form healthy relationships with other people. This has the side effect of needing them to be safe while giving them the freedom to screw up, make bad choices, but hopefully teach them to avoid outcomes they are not prepared for or can’t come back from. When a kid tries to touch a red hot stove or an open flame you stop them, but if they are going to grab hot food with their bare hand – sometimes you let them so they can learn what hot is and that it hurts without doing lasting damage. Then when you tell them “Don’t touch the stove- it’s very hot” and they say “Like the chicken?” you say “Way worse”. Then- They don’t touch the freak’n stove and they learned without having to do it the hard way that could literally scar them for life!

Thus the logical conclusion of a robot probably wouldn’t be “I need to encase the child in carbonite” but might end up deciding it would be more effective to cause these mostly harmless accidents on purpose to teach lessons. Coming up with strange logical solutions with that in mind are a lot more fun than just “the robots are evil and want to turn us into batteries” – because that’s silly- we would make terrible batteries.

heh,, terrible batteries.. irl , 100% of the energy used keeps us alive.. you take away .01% and we die..
“oh,, i know we will use waste heat… ” in order for us to generate that amount of heat, would cook us.. think what happens when you have a fever…

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