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Either this is something from yet another game, or is it possible that the “Nailed to the Sky” curse is meant to have something like this be what kills you?

most of those hit by the “nailed to the sky” spell aren’t usually in a spaceship, so I doubt it would need something like this waiting to catch them. the asphyxiation would be the most likely usual cause of death, that or having your flesh ablate from the speed necessary to launch a person into orbit

ook… don’t care if its a god or a devil, but hopefully he can crush that spaceship between chapters, so we can get back to the group of interest?

Yikes- so mean to our little space man! We’ll you’ll be happy to know we are going back to the main group in the next update. It’s too bad some people can’t appreciate the depth our Space Captain helps provide for the overall story though. It’s like the people who complain about the Human storyline in So I’m A Spider, So what? They just can’t appreciate how much it improves and reveals by having it.

I too feel sorry for Captain Mike, and not just because we have the same name. Also Sage, would you recommend So I’m A Spider to someone with mild to severe arachnophobia? I’ve heard good things, but spiders really freak me out. Light novel means not too much in the way of pictures, but… yeah.

It also occurs to me, what would the folks planet side think of this development? Also, does our new Lord of Darkness have something over where his eyes would be or does he have stars in/for his eyes?

I would think you would have to have very severe arachnophobia for it to have a reaction to “So I’m a spider, so what?” The general triggers people get from spiders arent really in the story at all- i’d say the worse of it would be the very beginning but even that- meh. If fictional cartoonish spiders are included in your arachnophobia then you should probably avoid it, if not I would say give the anime a shot, if you can get through the first episode without issue- well i think from then on its not really bad at all in terms of spider content. The character is a spider monster- which differs pretty significantly imo. There are some things I really dont like IRL- but I can deal with them in anime and light novels, so that’s all I really have to base it on though.

As a fellow arachnophobe, as well as having seen a few clips (mostly from the first episode or two), I would say that if you can tolerate those Lucas the friendly/cute spider videos (you can find them on YouTube if you aren’t already familiar with it), then you should be good for watching So I’m A Spider. The animators didn’t go for ultra realism (like in Skyrim, I absolutely *hate* running across spiders in that game… even dead they give me the creeps). The anime doesn’t get as real as the Lucas videos btw, so even if you get creeped out by Lucas, you can still possibly watch the anime. A good test might be to see if you can find any clips on YouTube.

What is a god to a non believer? i almost expected to come out of his mouth but i do hope he is ok.

When you are talking about a god that hasn’t been shown to actually exist? Nothing to a non-believer. But if we’re talking about one that can, does, and has manifested right in front of you? You’d better start believing, or at least make them think you have, and show them respect (at least, if you’ve reason to think they might be more powerful than you).

I can see this gaining one of two ways: Mike is about to be killed/corrupted/conscripted, or Mike and this god are going to have a nice chat and find he is going to find out the king of the dark is a pretty chill guy.

Mike: You.! you are not my god.. Gods do not ask permission.! (look at various movies, “they” tell you what’s gonna happen..)
closest would be “Q” from ST TNG, tho not a god.. did act like one…

Fun fact, space isn’t actually dark its just very dim. Most of it just looks dark because the nearer stars out shine the more distant ones so you don’t see them. Assuming the King of the Dark has domain over the absence of light space would be the worst place for him to be as millions of suns shine on him from every direction.

Fun fact, space is extremely dark due to it’s extreme size and many objects that cast shadows and the possibly endless darkness between galaxies. There’s far more space and dead objects in space than there are suns and things that generate light, and for the purpose of considering something dark- it doesn’t have to mean pitch black or completely lightless. So you could say- Dim is Dark, because it certainly isn’t bright.

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