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Hm getting some log horizon vibs here.

I would consider that to be good, Log Horizon is one of the best Isekai/stuck in a game stories i know.
While it lacks the polished fighting animations of a Sword Art Online, it´s not some edgy power fantasy and has something much more wholesome about it.
Plus the world building was really good and the characters all got their chance to shine.

uh, since the fuel disappeared for them, would just sending them pod.s.. work ?

they pods would also likely lose their fuel
though maybe if the fuel drop was done after the world had adapted to the tech of the ship, the fuel may be allowed to exist

Depends on what caused the fuel to dissapear, but sending raw fuel might suffer the same as the ship did…
That said, sending down a fuel module that can produce fuel might work.

He is saying, assuming the systems have been adapted like they were on the planet he was on, they should be able to send fuel because it is now a thing that exists. Why did the fuel disappear in the first place? Because there was never any fuel in the ship to begin with. There was a number and a read out on how much fuel he had, but there was never actually anything in the tank. It’s just a number that the game controls through places that can refuel, and through how players can share that number resource.

As with all games, things you can’t see don’t exist in some physical form, but rather as just an equation or numerical value. The space fuel is never given an actual name, because they try to be relatively realistic and don’t want to say we use X-Fuel, because that implies that fuel is designed in such a way that it can power a ship to warp space to allow faster than light travel without the whole time relativity thing. Then people could probably take that material and turn it into something else – like a world warping bomb or something.

Also- not sure how you would generate the fuel on the planet unless you sent a fueling station- which cant be moved simply because- that would break the games balance giving someone the ability to have limitless fuel with no need to stop or collect it somehow. If it does require some kind of collecting what’s to say the planet has anything that can be converted into such a “fuel”?

Well i play the X games, they don´t have “fuel”, but Elite Dangerous requires you to collect fuel either from certain suns or the stations you land on.
In any Star Wars games while fuel is mentioned in some movies they never have any lack of fuel for the missions, the only thing you need to reload are secondary weapons like missiles and torpedoes.
Plus, are the virtual gamers now in a “new reality” where everything they had in their games now is real?
And how affects this their bodies in the reality they came from?

so how do you get out?
a wizard did it

There are crazier ways to get into orbit… *Foreshadowing!*

Dig a circular hole, then hollow it out from the bottom, creating a cup of sorts, then open an underground river to flood the cavity, then flash boil said water. Theoretically this should launch the cup upwards. I’ve seen dwarves do crazier things in dwarf fortress.

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