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Otherworldly Encounter – #22

Otherworldly Encounter – #22 published on 12 Comments on Otherworldly Encounter – #22

We’ll actually be finishing out this chapter with what’s going on up in space- not many pages left and some fun stuff I’ve been wanting to do!


I have a funny feeling that the space guy is not what he seems. As I was thinking this, I realized that there’s a small detail in the previous strips that set off a few red flags. His ship was disabled and he couldn’t fly it which means that his electronic gadgets should have been disabled. Yet the cat girl can hear something from him. Also, why was his communicators working on the planet? Shouldn’t they have been affected as well? Why couldn’t he call his ship? There’a many questions that I look forward to being answered in upcoming strips.

That last scene have a sense of foreboding as well.

A lot of that has been answered somewhat already. He wasn’t using any communicator device to talk to Kaylin- he was using the Player to Player communications via the friends option. When two players meet they can add each other and be able to talk from any distance. This feature was not normally available in Star Parade because they used ship communications as their communication tool, so he has his space friends on his coms- but not on his friend list.

As for him, his cybernetics worked because they were part of him, like a race of creatures, its not equipment, it’s who he is, which is vital to him living and not affected like the things listed as equipment or items – which some of them worked as well – like his gun.

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