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Otherworldly Encounter – #15

Otherworldly Encounter – #15 published on 10 Comments on Otherworldly Encounter – #15

Back on land- because the spell doesn’t let you sleep in the air. Also eating while surfing through the clouds is another thing that isn’t recommended.


I see Nyna opted to keep the hem short. Actually, is it even shorter than usual?? Lol, I feel like she as to be careful bending more than 15 degrees right now. She shorten it again immediately upon landing to compensate?

(Or do you just really like drawing dat booty)

It feels like her kimino gets skimpier as time goes on, is she eventually gonna be wearin the fantasy equivelent of a bikini? Feels like something kaylin might suggest…

It’s the same length which is officially “Just long enough”. Also her tail often pushes it up a bit more in the back making it occasionally “barely enough”.

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