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Otherworldly Encounter – #03

Otherworldly Encounter – #03 published on 6 Comments on Otherworldly Encounter – #03

I’m so excited, Halloween is coming up people! It’s my favorite holiday! I am. . . I dunno, maybe I’ll just buy a bunch of candy for my nephews and make them a Halloween bucket. Or I can eat the candy. Hmmm.


Nyna doesnt like being protected like she’s helpless – she’s got a healthy ego and some power to back it up. Nyna says she trusts Kaylin’s judgement but she doesn’t seem to have internalized yet that by running with Kaylin she is now dealing with threats that can be orders of magnitude more dangerous than anything she saw or heard of in her village.

On the other hand, Kaylin doesnt seem to be doing a good job of expressing to Nyna what scale of worry the situation entailed: How much damage would that stolen/returned spell have done to Kaylin, much less Nyna? Kaylin knows more about what ‘serious’ threats look like (or at least what they used to look like), but if this is any indication she’s going to have to start sharing a lot more of her internal assessments with Nyna in realtime instead of after the fact.

Depending on how much Kaylin is abandoning the old adventurer/monster boundary lines, it might be worth giving Nyna nightly “Tales of the broader world” so her “Owner” has a better idea of what’s out there and where she ranks in the greater scheme of things.

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