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Those tail-tips frizzing up in her shock in panel 3 are great. Thanks for another page, Sage!

Hah, it hadn’t even registered with me that Nyna has a forked tail until I read your comment.

wait I thought the missing “Are” was just how Nyna speaks?

No, she has always proven flawlesss speech, unless Sage messed something up.
But those cases were usually quickly corrected.
Sage might not be perfect, but clearly is strict on himself getting rid of typos ect.

Yep, and it was intentional this time so I put it in the description so people wouldn’t need to correct it. Surprised anyone thought Nyna normally talked like that though. Monsters Speak Common (english) because everyone else does. Other languages, like Elven, are just part of the game mostly for world flavor. Elves are just able to speak it naturally but they all speak common. Monsters capable of speech might have a language, but they all also speak common. Those who don’t speak it well were taught how to speak it and normally weren’t as capable. Nyna lacks in understanding customs and civilization are the areas she lacks.

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