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INFILTRATION – 08 published on 18 Comments on INFILTRATION – 08

Some dialogue I cut a while ago fit alright here. Kaylin has some items that let her convert her armor and equipment to look like any other equipment. She tested it with the outfit Nyna gave her for several reasons. One of which was because the item used to be a one time use only item. She’s since found out it recharges rather than vanishing.


Ooh, recharging glamours/transmogs? Nice!

Welp, found the resident Destiny 2 player.

I think its ment to be taken down quietly, or somthing to that effect. As it it feels like a word is missing as otherwise she is just saying if they can be beaten she isnt intrested, but that doesn’t mean they are weak or easy.

Talked down in this context probably means, that if the threat could be eliminated by only talking with them (like with intimidation), she doesn’t want to fight them. This depends on if these people are non fighting diplomatic staff only or worse. Probably the latter though. On the other hand Kaylin sounds like she doesn’t really want to be discovered at all.

Shouldn’t the word LETS in the 4. speech bubble be without that pesky ‘ between T and S?
And that S in ANYWAYS (the last word in the last speech) – isn’t it wrong to have it there?

You have a typo there, in first panel, last word bubble: “let’s” is a contraction for “let us “, like “let’s go” or “let’s boogie”. Third person singular for “to let” is “lets”, no apostrophe.

Also, windy! And a nice spot to plug that explanation for Kaylin’s outfit.

Nyna´s final line should probably better be “then i WOULDN´T BE interested”.
It´s the only way it makes sense to me at least.

It actually works correctly as it is written. There are more than one correct ways to state things of course, but usually they are written how they are meant to be said by a character. Certain characters are more likely to be formal or informal. That said, I do appreciate people pointing stuff out when it appears incorrect, because I do make mistakes all the time!

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