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That is a rather strong reaction on her part, and not in a happy way.

Well, the last time they had an interaction with a mysterious far away kingdom it was a psycho that was higher level than the norm and was trying to kill a child.

Yes, but being….loud about it is just going to put them on guard. She’s supposed to be a rogue, and silver tongues only get so far when they’re ready to be wary. (Hopefully they’re not within earshot…)

o_o Why would Noble diplomats be hanging out in the commons outside the window of a book store? Diplomats would be at the noble quarters, on the interior wall. She’s expressing the urgency of identifying a possible threat, not blowing the roof off the building with her amazing singing voice XD

Wasn’t remembering they were in the book store, was actually for some reason thinking way back when they met and Relm was working in a tavern or inn or something.

And panel only shows her….severity in asking, not necessarily volume. (Text is larger than the rest of the page I think, too. If I start hearing pictures, hoo boy….)

Sooo… Not topical to the page but just as a feeler…
Roughly (nothing binding) how often do you post a new page?
May or may not be addicted

Every Wednesday a new page goes up. My other comic, Yosh! updates every Wednesday and Friday. So I do a total of 3 updates a week.

I love watching you draw on picarto when I get the chance to watch it live. I usually watch it a day day later but notice that a scene with several people in some village pop up beliefly as the video loaded. Got a good screen shot of it and wonder if it was a later part the story?

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