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And finally the big reveal about Sena! Definitely places her higher than Aiya in the power hierarchy.

“Raging” Kitsune suggests why she has so much mental conditioning – could be that without those safeguards she is basically a loose cannon and dangerous to everyone. I wonder if what Kaylin is not able to say aloud to Nyna is that Sena is a World boss, Apocalypse event, or similarly game-changing creature.

Left unanswered is what special connection she and Kaala share – just a bond between especially strong monsters, or something else? Still curious about that one 🙂

Even an event boss gets lonely sometimes…

the raging kitsune of destruction. probably either snapped after her village/country was destroyed [by who ?], or maybe she accidentally did that herself

shift from game to full universe aside, we know that during the timeskip the game world got pretty well wrecked. what if she was meant to be *the* end of world boss. with the storyline being that she was going to literally destroy the world, only the heros have to stop her. her boss raid would be the ultimate endgame contant, the final stage of the main questline. and then when the event happened.. no more heroes around, she becomes a person instead of a program, and she actually did destroy the world in the process? only it no longer was an instanced boss fight, and the world didn’t reset like in the game..

Local Astronomers: “Damn! Now we have to redo the star-charts all over… again!”

Imagine if they were actually stars instead of magic- you’d have a ton of objects 1000 times larger than the planet impacting the planet at the same time at faster than light speeds- this is why it’s important to remember- it’s a magic spell that takes influences from falling stars, not actually moves and attacks with stars XD

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