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if Aiya used to be a raid boss in the game, that does have some fun implications on her age.

Hey Sage, why isn’t AI listed on TWC or have a voting button?

Now that’s a name I havent heard in a long time…
Honestly, I thought that site was long since dead. Traffic from there for Yosh! when i pushed for it and did incentive voting things and stuff like that was practically nothing, but by having a link going there to vote I was sending a lot of people there. So it felt kind of unfair. I was using my time to try and get some people to come look at my comic, while giving back way more than I got.

So, I’m not sure it’s worth being on there, or taking the time to promote it. I guess I can look into it, maybe it’s better than it was or maybe they have made an effort to boost their traffic, but with how busy I am it is asking a lot to keep up with something like that like Tom does with his incentive pictures he manages to pull out.

For what little it might be worth, I have maybe 40 of the comics I check daily or weekly that I believe I found through TWC and I most likely have never gone from TWC to most of the comics since adding them to my bookmarks. They still only get my “traffic” from being on TWC to be found in the first place though, much like way over a hundred of my regularly viewed comics were found on the Belfry but I damn seldom am logged in there or using the links there to go to comics I already have added to my browser bookmarks. TWC- Belfry – Piperka – Rocket etc. etc. etc. listings generate a LOT of traffic from me & persons with similar habits without that traffic generation necessarily being obvious as to it’s original origin…

“Skill Crusher”, hmm? Sounds like a boss whose main mechanic in-game involves increasing skill countdowns or timers, or at least blocking use of any skills but the basic combat for a time. One of those bosses that can actually be MORE dangerous to an advanced/optimized build than a straightforward one.

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