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“Sena´s job is to look after youbut i need you to also look after her” “Yes, ma´am”
I really like this, basically, she guarantees his safety in the village while he takes care of her anxiety issue.
This might be a great bonding experience and an important chance for Callum to mature (not in a sexual sense!).

I’m torn as to whether Sena’s conditioning specifically says to “Not be weird/be normal” – Nyna’a use of the word ‘normal’ appeared to be a key term – or if instead this is just an extension of Sena zealously following Ellisia’s order (delivered via Kaala) to protect Callum from ‘not just physical harm’ – i.e. fear that any discomfort on Callum’s part could be mental harm and thus mean she had failed to protect him sent Sena into a panic.

Interesting parallel and summary on Nyna’s part, telling Kaylin that Sena is complicated like her – unfortunately it also serves to shut down that line of questioning for now, so we’ll get to keep speculating about Sena’s nature and restrictions.

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