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Gods, Monsters, and Mortals? – 18

Gods, Monsters, and Mortals? – 18 published on 15 Comments on Gods, Monsters, and Mortals? – 18

Aiya might be very friendly with Kaala in general, but she still knows she’s the god of her people.


depend, does Her will involve spiders and taking over the surface world ?

I think Kaylin follows the counterpart to Eilistraee (which is nearly an Anagram to Lyrestra) from the Drow Pantheon not Lloth.

But what if Kaylin really wants to dance naked?

More real, Lyre is the only one dropping Quests, with possible loot. So far this run as been mostly boobie prizes.

Is this a reference to some past event I’ve forgotten about? Or a new development? I guess the next page will tell me that.

It is either a reference to the quest log with a quest to investigate the kingdom of Talithar from a few pages ago, or her comment to dance naked in the moonlight from a page before that.
(It is most likely the former, but I find it amusing to think that Elli, through Kaala, is telling Kaylin she doesn’t have to dance naked if she doesn’t want to.)

(In case comment replies are still broken for me: trying to reply to LordViking…)

The naked dancing sounds exactly like it! It came out of nowhere, and it definitely sounds like some weird worship thing 😀 Thank you both.

To be clear- Kaala isnt saying she shouldnt worship her goddess, and it was Kaylin that said she should do that worship- not being pushed into it- the push is to go on the quest.

She said specifically she cant get it out of her mind, investigating where that assassin mage came from. That’s the push, and it was even added to her active quest list.

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