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Dang it but this scene is great. Conversation aside, this closeness and their body language shows that the previous kinky leanings were that, kink. Nyna shows she can get past any perceived need to treat their relationship as a power struggle, at least for the moment.

Very nicely done.

I am not sure how I am supposed to read panel 2. “Weird place the Assassin or whatever he was that…” huh?

isn’t the sort of thing in the last panel evil? or is that playing off the “dark elves practice heresy” trope?

Neither. Dark elves goddess is a goddess of the moon, she is good, dancing is a form of worship, and doing so naked is to not hide anything from their goddess. It also serves as a show of pride in their bodies- as historically Dark Elves are seen as sneaky and dastardly – so many would suffer from poor body image due to stereotypes. Being unashamed of their bodies and who they are is part of the worship. The frequent orgies after the dance though is just good ol’ fashion fun- and the propagation of the species is also worship since she’s a goddess of a particular race but elven pregnancy is infrequent.

In other media like D&D it’s similar, they also have a goddess of the moon that dances naked as a way of showing her people, that are very repressed due to their very evil counterparts that worship the spider queen, to not be ashamed of who they are. The people dance with their goddess in revelry and worship.

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