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Gods, Monsters, and Mortals? – 04

Gods, Monsters, and Mortals? – 04 published on 4 Comments on Gods, Monsters, and Mortals? – 04

Even if the plan fails in the end, they have contingency plans. Monsters are going to get that delicious food one way or another.


A boon? A curse? A boon at first blush but with a catch? Will have to see….

If there’s anything I’ve learned from games where you have to ID things though, not being able to ID something makes for some big gambles. In this context however, not sure refusing would be wise either…

callum you just made a legendary trade route between monsters and humans.
Callum: Its wasnt nothing big..

Godess: here callum here something from the AI goddess that you help with making human and monsters trade things…

callum i cant identify it,
Kaylin :Callum if a goddess gives you something that creator of all monsters made you dont question it just wear it and be happy

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