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Savage or lazy, or trying to do too much with inadequate systems. Invariably video game escort quests get sabotaged by bad pathfinding of the AI. And if it’s not the pathfinding, the it’s the target property system for “hostile” AI. Also on the list is bad check pointing, where failure in the last 90% causes a full reset to the start.

Good escort section design needs: good pathfinding (or locked path movement), reasonable AI targeting that doesn’t feel like your trying to pull individual bees off some one when they get swarmed, and a check point system that actually works (looking at you Bethesda).

Also the escort thing needs to move at good speed in line with player movement.

Sucks when they are keeping up with you okay, even bumping into you on occasion, only to trip on a painted in rock, and be unable to take another step. That’s why I prefer the teleporting escort subjects, so long as they aren’t being attacked at the time, you just need to walk passed a certain distance, and they will be right behind you again, it helps with my style of gameplay, which involves a lot of parkour and rock climbing, to avoid encounters.

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