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Fallen Star – #06

Fallen Star – #06 published on 15 Comments on Fallen Star – #06

Soooo, Resurrection Shrines aren’t just places where Adventurers are able to resurrect at, but they are safe zones from monsters. Neat. Information that will never become important again! Nope! Never! . . . Ok it might be important at some point. For now though, it’s just how the group has been safe in such a dangerous place- Well and to setup it’s importance later.


I’d say that “might” is the best answer we’re going to get at this point. Who *knows* how the rules have changed since the Incident. Maybe the shrines still work the same way. Maybe they still work, but differently? Maybe they’re entirely non-functional for Adventurers, and now only keep monsters away.

Hopefully, we’ll find out!

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