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‘We’re going’, not ‘Were going’. But, beyond that, another great page, as usual. Can even see how your artwork skills are improving here.

okay I have been watching a bunch of D&D and d20 stuff recently so all I can think is Kaylin dropped a bunch of stat points into charisma and now all the min-maxers readers are screaming no you fool its a trash stat put it into something else

She’s a Swashbuckler. All the joys of being a Bard with some powerful sword work thrown in. ^_^

She’s Rogue/Thief/Assassin/REDACTED 😀

what was the REDACTED class?

Elf, obviously.

For anyone who doesn’t get the joke: Originally in the Basic Set of Dungeons and Dragons, non-human races were treated as classes. Your class options were literally Cleric, Fighting Man, Magic-User, Thief, Halfling, Dwarf, and Elf.

Why did Nyna sound so sad when she said good bye to the guys. Sad that she couldn’t watch….eyes still burn and head hurts.

Seriously, can you stop?

?? Stop what?? Bad jokes??

You keep on bringing up how two guys together seems to cause you physical and mental anguish, so to many it comes across as homophobic. I don’t think you actually are based on your comments, but I can see how people may think that and comments like that may eventually normalize it which is where it becomes a real issue. I don’t want to start a discussion on free speech and hate speech because honestly there’s this big grey area that I’m not sure where to fall on. For example – violence in video games has so far proven to not be a major issue in young adults but younger children may be influenced or desensitized to violence. So while we can mostly agree video games don’t cause people to be violent, it may have an effect on how they view violence. The same thing happens with free speech and hate speech. We don’t have any proof that non-racist/sexist/etc people using slurs and or jokes makes people racist/sexist/etc. We know that using such language can cause emotional harm and that it can cause people that are actually racist/etc to feel justified in their feelings because others “feel the same way”. So we know they are bad and can cause issues, but putting limitations on free speech is very difficult. We can’t just slap on a Mature warning on a person who makes bad jokes any more than we can slap a warning label on someone for being a racist (though some of them do that on their own I guess).

This discussion is very difficult and not something for the comment section here though. The lines drawn are all over the place and over reach just a little too far and you hurt your own base, don’t reach far enough and you’re plagued with people intending to and not intending to do harm and no way to tell them apart all the time.

I am very sorry if I have offended any one with my bad punes or jokes. I’m not homophobic,racist, or any of the sick/violent type that the group may think of me. It’s hard to make jokes online when you don’t know and the other people don’t know that kind of person you are in real life. Also when they can’t hear and see what you are doing in person,or by other means of commucation the bad jokes can go down hill very fast. Years of gaming(D&D),going to sci fi cons and knowing people you meet in person is a whole lot different than writing or chatting online as the internet was not around for me at that time. My jokes will stop and I truely am sorry for offending anyone bad jokes and very bad spelling.

Willy – Don’t worry about it. At most I think a few people were mildly annoyed otherwise more people would have complained and a lot more than just asking you to stop. Relax, and have fun. (Also in case you thought I deleted your comment or something- I didn’t, it’s just really long comments are often thought to be spam but when it can’t confirm spam it has me approve messages, which i do 2-5 times a day).

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