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Elven Issues – #06

Elven Issues – #06 published on 14 Comments on Elven Issues – #06

Big Announcement Time! The Artificial Incident Book is available to order now! If you have any issues ordering please email me at! It’s a brand new system but initial testing seems to show it working properly.

Click the banner or here to be directed to the store!

Please Note- If you were a supporter on the Kickstarter that was pledging to get a Sketch in addition to the Book I will still do them but you must order them through contacting me. Check the Kickstarter Update for more information on that! All the details will be in the latest Update.


*insert Fry squinting face here* Not sure if being literal or figurative.

You know I’m going to put the odds of there being a dragon there when they arrive at about 50/50.
And the odds of there being a dragon there when they leave at ZERO.

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