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I’m confused

Dont worry, i speak woman so let me translate. Now i’m a bit rusty but i think it goes something like this: “I’m happy because you turned her down because it made her come to me but you’re prettier than me and a reminder that i’m the second choice.”

though Nyna is only the second choice due to timing
i doubt Kaylin would have passed her up for a human
it was more that Relm was the only option at the time
or maybe that is just me

True but lets not forget that such logic seems a bit absent in the early “rosetinted” relationships. It could very well be a simple misstake regarding different culture as humans dont have bisexual (I guess in a purely evolutionerey sense it fits if humanity are as reduced as they are) relationships whereas beastfolk do. Or it could be that since Nyya seem a bit hesitant to actually admit her feelings the meeting of the “ex” (which Kaylin did tell her about) wakes the inevitable question which tends to crop up “What’s wrong with the person i have feelings towards that made you reject her/him?” which could explain the conflicting feelings she experiences.

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