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Blood Claw Bandits – #22

Blood Claw Bandits – #22 published on 16 Comments on Blood Claw Bandits – #22

Now this is one of those comics I had a lot of fun drawing. Convenient censorship is the best kind of censorship! Don’t forget about the Kickstarter! Just a little over 2 weeks left! 


Continuing from last page I think you used the wrong ‘your’ in the first panel.
“What else would you be?”
“Your uhh… [lover / friend / bedwarmer]”

I don’t comment here enough but want to say I’m really enjoying your comics, I’m looking forward to see how things develop in both Yosh and AI.

I endorse of both parts of this comment!

“You’re” = you are
“Your [thing]” = the [thing] that belongs to you

And great comic, art- and story- wise

I know it’s irrelevant at the moment, but I’m curious how real world Kevin is doing

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