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Oh, you tease.

You ABSOLUTE tease. XD

It would have been far worse if I had Kaylin say “Wait- why is everything going dark?! OH NO! NO NO NO NO!!!! The game is fading to black! My Experience is being censored! NOOOO!!!!!”

Cerebral: Even with so many Isekai stories out there, I think it is still really uncommon (in quality, non-fetish stories anyway) to see the main protagonist shown to have desires, but also shown as not necessarily the dominant partner in the relationships they choose, and it is just SO pleasing to see it done well!

Emotional: Mm-hmm..

Am I wrong, or in the last panel is someone grabbing Nyna’s shoulder from behind?

That would be Kaylin’s leg, actually.

“Oh… OOHHHHH!… /(O///O)\ oh my.”

That’s actually an interesting point. How much experience has Kaylin actually HAD being intimate as a girl? We know that she’s been shot down ever since the game became real, but what about before?

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