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Why can I not see the actual comic panes before “Blood Claw Bandits 9”? There are only comments visible on the older stuff… 🙁
I have missed the updates since the end of November because of travelling and I was SO looking forward to reading the backlog when I got back!

Great story and graphics though!

Hey Mats, yeah I’m aware of this issue but Mihari, our tech/software awesome person got sick while doing all the updates so there are a few issues we haven’t figured out yet. Basically, I personally went in to every single comic and reattached every comic to the page by hand… Went to make sure it was all working… and it wasn’t. I asked Mihari what was going on and her response was “Oh crap… I have an idea what caused that but I’m not sure yet, and I am super sick” so I was like “Ok, we have the mirror, but worse case scenario, I have to manually connect them a different way and that will take… a day or two.”

Long story short, soon as she can she’s going to look into it and fix it or we are going to have a ton of work fixing it manually. THAT SAID! the mirror still works and has everything!

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