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Yeah this guy is why to perceptive to keep lying too. I wonder if he could even doubt silver tongue. They have seconds before he calls bs. The only thing i can’t tell is, is he using the kid and keeping him on a short leash or is he just genuinely care and pay attention. I mean he is letting the kid go outside and interact with people on his own, so he isn’t isolating him like many who are just using someone whould do. The problem is all the things he has kept track of or been perceive about focus more on contol and profit. He knows what the kid can make and can’t and know the invisibility spells chat to know when something is hidden.
The real tell is what he does next, does he question for more info, if so he is just using
Or does he tell the kid to go to bed, remember that is why he came up in the first place. Now he isn’t in the clear with this action but it is the one that can mean he cares more about the kids health that profit, but he could also just be controlling or be waiting for a better opportunity when he is more informed.

I just hope the drink chiller is okay. It was a funny item to have around. Good use for it as well. Yeah looks like the jury is still out for this guy on were this guy stands. But just as a reminder to everyone the kids is a fully skilled magician and seems to have had a good father back IRL. If the noble was abusive in some way then the kid could leave and nothing could really stop him.

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