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…Oddly enough, I had not actually considered the possibility of an adventurer’s influence. My first instinct was that it was another game’s influence or something that required rethinking of the premises we were working from (time gap or no, I’d think that significant technological progress wouldn’t occur on its own in a preprogrammed environment).

But an adventurer’s influence would make it all fall into place very neatly, with the new questions being 1) When the adventurer appeared and 2) Whether the adventurer is still around.

thing is if its engineering like they had in w.o.w they dont need to worry about passing knowledge because most engineers write schematics about everything they used right down to the minerals used and forged, so if some from the outside world turned around and started to use real life knowledge on engineering since it only can go as far as what in the world has to offer

I mean its a lot to take in can’t blame her for being overwhelmed, and then to find out a existence she has heard horror stories all her life about is the one making these things, yeah she will be scared. Props for not just panicking already and even getting along with a adventurer.

So, I can only think that the adventurer that is building all this is has a Production class, and is not a Combat class like Kaylin. I can understand how the legends that Nyan has heard of omit this because most of the adventures that her group have encountered are Combat oriented adventurers or the Production adventurers are also ridiculously overpowered so they did not know of the distinction.

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