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yes but only if your naughty…

My naughty what?

ty for the page
i kinda wanna know how the magic space is
time stop for edibles?
or like the bag of holding in dnd (5 min of air for living things)

It’s more of a stasis space but there are restrictions on putting living creatures in it- well creatures in general. Can’t have people throwing undead monsters into magical bags and releasing them in towns!

why not that would be hilarious the town restriction would prevent it from attacking and everyone from attacking it wouldn’t

Well from a programming stand it’s likely limited to “Inventory” flagged objects. And most “creatures” in most games are not “Inventory” items. Although you could find the rare exception, like limited release winter event deployable snowmen. Or a “pocket doves” consumable for people who want to roleplay as street magicians. Translated to a “real” world, the magic of the bands likely understand the concept of an “Inventory” item, and what isn’t one.

Depending on the backend coding, there may not actually be a way to put a “creature” object into inventory. Even if you could somehow change a “creature” flag to an “inventory item” flag. Creating inventory systems for games can be handled many different ways. And can have disturbing mental pictures if you think about what happens as a “reality”. The Project Spark (a game for making games) had a default Inventory system that simply moved “Objects” out of the “World” bounding box and to a reserved location. The Objects’ Brains remained active. It allowed this to be done with any Object (everything that wasn’t the voxel terrain system). From apples to trolls and beyond, if it was an Object, you could program the inventory to “pick up, it.” However most games don’t do that, it can get very expensive (processing and storage/database) to do it that way.

I get it from a coding standpoint I was asking about the comic the idea of a play or npc picking up a enemy throwing it a town and basically see what would happen with the no fighting in towns or cities limitation most MMO games have would be interesting to see what would happen storywise I meant

Were you wondering about 300 year old food (consumables) being still good or not (or maybe function but not tasting good)…then again…I guess it would be more interesting if we had to test as the occasion came up…where somethings fail and other get better with age.

That was a great first chapter and i really like where this is going. Hope to see more intimate moment between Kaylin and Relm.

By the way, i wonder if that “spider web” thingy on Kaylin’s tank top is really a necessity. I feel she would look a lot more cuter without it. (And be less of a party pooper by hidding partially her cleavage)

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