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Video game character hair here, people. Relm’s hair is a mess, while Kaylin’s was all neat after waking up.

Elves are just naturally better at managing their hair, and other such stuff, they don’t get groggy or that cloudy stuff in their eyes in the morning either. Plus a player character might have the higher quality shampoo and conditioner in her inventory….

Let me just ask: how long is your hair?

I have it short right now, but I had it down past my shoulders for a few years, it tangled way too easily. Probably because I don’t come from any mystical elvish bloodlines….

Huh, those gloves are new. On a seperate note I have enjoyed the story so far, I do have one minor criticism and that is that sometimes the necks are a little too long and thin. Hardly dealbreaking but it is sometimes distracting.

If you mean on this page, her hair is in front of it.

I’ll try to keep em consistent and properly sized. I’ll have to go back and check if any are off too much and fix. Any pages where it’s really obvious?

There are a couple on p15 of this chapter and panel 4 of p17 is a little noticeable. Though I would advise not getting too bogged down in fixing things like that I’ve heard it can be a real timesink.

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