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Grapping the one of the left and leaving the right hand free for the 2 others. Nicely played

…actually, I wonder if he’s ambidexrious in the game. or in real life

Based on the archives it seems that Kevin is right handed. Kaylin has predominantly been using her left post fracture/time-skip. With one exception, where the mug handle is turned for right handed use ( ).

Honestly I don’t think about it too often unless someone is writing or holding a weapon. Mainly because I am ambidextrous. I am however practiced with my right hand, I don’t practice a lot with my left hand because so many things are premade to assume right hand, so I just use my right a lot. When it comes to doing a lot of other things I am more than capable of using my left hand for most tasks. Even when I played baseball in school, we had a shortage of right hand gloves, so I just used a left handed glove and threw with my left. It got to the point where I felt more proficient throwing with my left hand than with my right. Still kinda do which is weird.

That all said, Kaylin is Ambidextrous. Most adventurers end up being so as the game kinda lets you pick which hand you want to use for a weapon so basically, unless they flat out say otherwise in their profile (for example a person that specializes in martial arts might declare themselves to be a southpaw martial artist), then they are assumed to be ambidextrous.

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